Mak Nk Beli Minyak Angin Di Farmasi. Apa Yg ANAK LELAKI Buat Kat Dia Sgt MENGEJUTKAN !!!


Mak Nk Beli Minyak Angin Di Farmasi. Apa Yg ANAK LELAKI Buat Kat Dia Sgt MENGEJUTKAN !!! | Today a young gentleman and his son brings his slow pace mom to my shop. Ting tong rings the bell. He stands at the door.

Sekadar Gambar Hiasan.
“Masuklah mak!” He shouted.
The mum walks slowly and into the unknown area.
“Jalan terus kat depan belah kanan. Ubat sapu mak kat situ. (Then he said to his son) ko tolong nenek ko tu gih!”
The old lady walks till she reached my counter. I smiled at her. Her eyes glistening. “Makcik tak berapa nampak ye?” She nodded.
The son I think was already lost his patience. He came on and look for the item. “Aik, takde dah?” My staff ask him what is he looking for and said its at a different shelf and she will get it for him. Now its him, the mother and me. The young boy was roaming around.
He asks me “Abang, betul ke yuran budak tingkatan 1 sampai RM100? Belum buku baju lagi. Pengetua sekolah kata memang yuran mahal. Baik tak payah sekolah kalau dah bodoh.”
“Sorry bang, saya belum ada anak tingkatan 1.” Flat out.
So my staff brought over the item. Its a balm with a free gift sticks on to it (minyak angin). The son ask me how much and what is the free gift. I explain nicely the usage. He explain it to his mother. She just nodded. She ask how much. I turn to the son and told him the price.
“Mak bayar.”
I don’t mind the tone, but while he was saying that he tore the free gift and put it in his pocket. “Mak, barang free ni along amik, Mak tak pakai” and walk away to the door. Mother look startled. She didnt say anything but was trying to find her purse.
The mother was still trying to find her cash. “Kejap ye nak..”
Out near the door, “Cepatlah Mak!”
I said to her, “Takpe makcik, takde apa nak gesa.” She smiles back at me.
When transaction made, I walk towards her asking if she needs a hand. She says she is ok, walked slowly.
As she reached to the door, the son just swing the door inward. Glass door can be heavy, so when it swings back it nearly hit the lady has that not been for my staff who quickly holding the door. (translate BM: anak dia bila keluar main lepas je pintu dan hampir2 terkena mak dia, mujur ada staff yg sempat capai pintu tu)
Please Allah, this lady, a mother, deserve a break. Maybe the son is financially stress, but its not a way to treat a lady… a mother.
i am so sorry to share this. Its just me. I miss home.
Credit: Syed Azmi

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