Respon Balas Jorgensen Setelah Bertindak Biadap Kepada Pemain Badminton Malaysia Iskandar Zulkanain

Big win yesterday. One of the biggest days so far in my badminton career. I must say I didn't expect at all to win this tournament when it started on tuesday. Yesterdays game was very tough and I had to fight with all I have to beat Chen Long. He has done so well over the last few years and is always a very tough opponent. It makes me even more proud to have beaten him in such a big game.
I have already travelled to HK to prepare for another tournament this week. I know it will be very tough, but I will try my best to focus and make another good run here. I would also like to say a big thanks to my sponsors @Yonex and Danisa for their support. Thanks for all the messages guys!
On another note im sorry for all the malaysians I have offended by throwing Iskanders shirt. Not my meaning to be disrespectful. I did say "LCW" to my coaches, thats a same pattern they have. Not to Iskander - I have a lot respect for him.

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